Monday, February 10, 2020

Business Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 44

Business Law - Essay Example The company should seek a temporary work permit in the United States. The company should also seek the assistance of an approved attorney who prepares the form "I-94---Arrival and Departure Record making it easier for contractors to work efficiently in America. The company should also seek labor certification from the immigration office for their constructors. We are a foreign construction company seeking to expand our services to the United States. The letter aims to inform and register our company with the tax department as a move to comply with the necessary tax obligations. Mrs. Photolover failed to seek the necessary copyright when selling the photographs though she specified the exceptions. Mr. Likesdrawing used someone’s material outside the stated exceptions without the consent of the developer. Mrs. Photolover should sue to discontinue the sale of the said pictures and obtain a valid copyright. Mr. Likes drawing should argue on the basis of fair usage as the picture lacks a valid copyright. Producers developed an anti-competitive practice that involved price fixing. Consumers are protected by law from acts of price fixation, and the companies can be sued. The Sherman Act prevents acts of collusion among producers to fix prices, and violations attract fines of up to $10 million for corporations and $350000 or a three-year imprisonment or both for individuals. The case relating to Apple Corporation is based on the antitrust laws and competition issues. The possible outcomes include the requirement for Apple to prove that their acquisition is based on economic policies and also illustrate the desire of a fair competition with no intention of unfair practices. Where Apple fails to prove the fair competition, the European Commission will illustrate its fears before the judge. The judge can abolish the deal in venturing in the music streaming industry or provide various obligations that the company has to follow. A similar case example involved the case

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